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TOURIAS Travel Guide - your mobile travel companion

TOURIAS Travel Guide

TOURIAS Travel Guide

The mobile app allows you to stay in touch with your customers - before, during and after their holidays. Provide free travel content, premium services and strengthen your customers loyalty.

Details of Service

The TOURIAS Travel Guide offers great added value for your customers. Our successful mobile app offers destination guides for 200 top destinations in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. We offer a great variety of features, so that you can custom build your app.

The app works on both - iOS and android devices - and can be adapted to your corporate design.

What does the travel guide offer for you?

  • Added value: Useful information on countries and sights, as well as excursion and dining tipps. All hand-picked by the famous Marco Polo travel guide teams.
  • Reduce costs: The app can display the booked hotel and further holiday information from the booking process, such as payment details. This will help you to reduce CRM costs significantly.
  • Generate revenue: Offer additional services through the app and generate up-sells. We can also assist you in including third parties that offer provision based on sales.
  • Stay in touch: Stay in Touch with your travelers and increase the chance to generate repeat business.


The Travel Guide includes several modules, that you can chose from. It is a tailor made system that allows you to get exactly the features that you need for your business. All modules can also be included in an existing app with our Travel SDK.

Here are some of the features to chose from:

  • Travel Content: Interesting destination content and POIs from 200 destinations around the globe. All data is brought to you by the Marco Polo travel guide teams.
  • Languages: We offer our content in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
  • Push Notifications: Stay in contact with your customers and communicate essential information via push notifications directly onto their smartphones.
  • Pop Up Generator: Show current offers, news and promotions with pop ups inside the app.
  • API connectivity: We can connect the Travel Guide App directly into your booking process to include travel data like hotel information and payment details.
  • Affiliates: Integrate third parties to sell additional features and generate revenue.
  • Social Integration: Link your social media channels and get your users to share content.
  • Weather Forecast: A detailed weather forecast for your customers holiday destination.
  • Currency Exchange. Integrate currency exchange rates and a helpful calculator.
  • Signage Dictionary: This is our revolutionary dictionary to overcome any language barrier - with the help of useful signs and pictures.
  • Location based services: Navigate using the GPS location data of your smartphone.

NEW: Now with MARCO POLO content in up to five languages

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