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Hotel descriptions in 25 languages

The GIATA Multilingual Hotel Guide delivers content for your landing pages. This allows you to update online content fully automated and cost-effectively:

  • more than 493,000 hotel descriptions for your target markets (e.g. English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and many more)
  • 1.474 million hotel images of more than 87,000 properties (more than 30,000 in HD and 4K)
  • factsheets for every property in 42 languages

In addition to high-resolution hotel images, the GIATA Multilingual Hotel Guide provides you with uniform texts for your entire hotel portfolio in up to 25 languages. The hotel descriptions are generated to meet the requirements of most online platforms and GIATA internal quality standards and focus on the most important hotel features for an easy comparison of the numerous hotel offers during the booking process. Our native-speaking linguists and developers continuously improve the underlying language algorithms and thus generate sales-promoting texts in your desired language.

Fully automated updates

The underlying factsheets each consist of general information about the hotel (e.g. year of construction, number of rooms, location) and service-specific information describing the hotel’s facilities and services (e.g. room facilities, sports and entertainment services). This information and all available images are carefully aggregated by us in various ways and are maintained more and more directly by hoteliers. As soon as an attribute or image is updated, the entire dataset and all localised descriptions are updated automatically.

In the GIATA Drive Hotel Directory you can access all of the hotel information, including images, which is maintained by hoteliers directly in GIATA, free of charge and presented in a structured format. You can choose between industry-standard formats such as HTML (website), XML, JSON and ZIP.

For further information about the API, see the API documentation.

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Multilingual Hotel Guide Example for 3 languages

Multilingual Hotel Guide Statistics

Our hotel database is permanently extended and all data is compared and updated by various processes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about the Multilingual Hotel Guide

Which data will be provided?


Depending on the licensed product and modules, the available content is described in the corresponding commercial agreement. In general, GIATA provides non-bookable property related content only. The content can be used to support the hotel description and information during the booking process.

How can we access the data?


The data is accessible through a standard XML web service that is provided as a REST application (REST = REpresentational State Transfer).

The full database is extended permanently and should not be downloaded entirely because it will contain records that will not be bookable through your website. Clients are asked to only retrieve data for the properties required. The relevant request types, for example to download all items per supplier, are explained in the API specifications.

How often should we update the data?


It is strongly recommended to request changed or updated records on a daily basis. GIATA processes thousands of mainly automated updates overnight. Individual request types to identify changed items are explained in the API specifications.

We found incorrect or missing records. Who should we report it to?


Please contact our Customer Success Team at customer-success[at] for details. In some cases, content can be researched and corrected manually.

Due to our mainly automated updating routines, errors may occur during data processing. We try to constantly improve the overall coverage and data quality by numerous quality checks and permanent further development of the data import. By reporting each error, you help us identify reoccuring data integrity issues.

Please note that the GIATA hotel descriptions only serve as a supplement and cannot completely replace the provider details which are binding for the booking. It is therefore recommended that you include a note to this effect on your website when using our data.

Where do we get technical support?


Please contact the Customer Success Team at customer-success[at] if you have any questions. In addition, you will receive technical guidance from an external IT service provider, who will work with you on the integration and then review it.

Hotel descriptions are currently available in the following 25 languages



























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