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Optimise your search process

Use relevant filters to deliver only relevant products

In order to be able to compare and filter the online travel offers on your homepage, we permanently analyse almost 400 attributes in the hotel and travel descriptions of the tour operators.


  • More effective customer advice and relevant offer presentation
  • Optimization of search processes and objective offer comparison
  • Permanent analysis of more than one million online travel offers

By means of extended travel criteria, your customers will specifically find offers that meet their own wishes, such as special sports offers and services, child-friendly facilities, family holidays, proximity to the beach, sandy beaches, sea views, etc., and will not be distracted by inappropriate or irrelevant offers.

In addition, GIATA Facts allows a direct comparison of travel services through its comprehensive detailed information.

GIATA Facts is an extension product of the IHG (XML) license. Valid license agreements (rights of use) for the Internet Hotel Guide are therefore required.

If the GIATA Facts are not supported by your IBE provider, you need a developer to use the GIATA Facts in your online travel portal.

For further information about Internet Hotel Guide Facts see the API documentation.

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Prerequisite for using GIATA Facts

Digital catalogue data via XML

If you work with one of our IBE partners, you will receive all non-bookable information from the well-known GIATA Hotel Guide API.

Internet Hotel Guide (D-A-CH)

The standard database for every online travel agency, no matter if you work with Amadeus/Traveltainment, Traffics, Bewotec or Peakwork etc., we deliver the content for your travel portal.
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