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Market Leading Content-Solutions

Many years of experience and current technologies ensure that you have the most extensive data collections at the most favorable conditions for your projects, for example to open up new target markets or to improve your existing online presence.

Mapping Services

Our professional hotel and room type mapping services help to significantly reduce booking errors and complaints due to incorrect hotel details, especially with large volumes of data from different suppliers, and ensure that hotel offers are free of duplicates.
MultiCodes, Room Type Mapping

Content Production

Advanced technologies combined with experienced and competent data experts and writers maintain premium hotel content in up to 24 languages, so you can rely on sales-promoting hotel descriptions for your hotel offers and landing pages.
Multilingual Hotel Guide

Content Distribution

We offer the right solution for every need in the required format – whether hotel image updates at the push of a button or live distribution of travel offers into selected IBEs to thousands of OTAs and travel agencies simultaneously.
GIATA Drive, Internet Hotel Guide (D-A-CH) …

Database solutions for tourism companies

From your local travel agent to the big global players

We are grateful for the long-standing, trusting cooperation with many start-ups, medium-sized and large companies from all areas of tourism, which we have been able to support in the course of our more than 20 years of company history. Our standardised content solutions are suitable for any hotel, travel agency or travel platform. The conditions are always adapted to your company profile.

Accommodation Providers

As a content database specialist, we offer our hotel partners a comprehensive content distribution platform and instant access to localized content for all properties in up to 24 languages.
Hotels, Hotel Chains

OTAs & Tour Operators

Our core business is the normalisation and synchronisation of large, inconsistent amounts of data and related complex mapping processes you require to manage a high performance travel platform.
OTAs, Tour Operators

Travel Agencies

SEO-optimized hotel descriptions in your desired languages and high-resolution image content with constantly increasing coverage of the worldwide accommodation market are available to you via multiple XML web services.
Travel Agencies

What our partners are saying

We build Win-Win Relationships

“GIATA is the best source of content that we found to get images, data, attributes from one hand.”
Andy Owen Jones | CO Founder and CEO | bd4travel
bd4travel is a market leading provider of AI-driven personalisation for the travel industry. It is creating the best in class AI data technology to help product holders deliver core business goals and redefine the future of selling travel online.
“Priceline is a proud partner of GIATA. GIATA MultiCodes customers can access our inventory through an existing connection.”
Laura Wittig | Director, Sales und Strategic Partnerships | Priceline Partner Network
Priceline.com is an American company and a commercial website for finding discount rates for travel-related purchases such as airline tickets and hotel stays. The company facilitates the provision of travel services from its suppliers to its clients.
“China is really urged to have the systems of GIATA to help the local players, not only the OTAs but also the hoteliers.”
Joseph Wang | Chief Commercial Officer | TravelDaily
TravelDaily, a global-leading online news portal focusing on the business and technology developments in the tourism industry, provides industry players with observations on innovation trends and business models that could influence the fast-growing travel space.

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