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GIATA high resolution videos awaken the desire to travel

We provide you with a comprehensive video pool that soon consists of 8.900 high resolution videos for use with your counter advisory tools and IBEs, as well as in the context of reservation confirmations or newsletters. The high resolution videos come from national and international suppliers and offer exceptional perspectives of the most-booked hotels worldwide, from

  • hotel interior view and hotel exterior view
  • extensive outdoor facilities to rich buffets
  • welcoming hotel rooms
  • drone-filmed footage providing a better overview of the entire hotel complex


To provide a better overview of the entire hotel complex, many videos are filmed by drone, with impressive aerial footage of green palm trees and white beaches, and a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding area.

A total of 8,900 high-resolution videos will soon be available. All HD videos are produced according to a standard predefined by GIATA and have a duration of 45-90 secon

Your advantages

  • Increase conversion on your travel portal by addressing new target groups.
  • Videos are a great way to increase the amount of time customers spend on your site, thereby increasing site traffic and awareness of your brand.
  • Communicating information is more efficient in a video: one minute of image material can communicate the equivalent of several thousand words. Emotions are aroused and the desire to purchase is triggered.
  • A video advertisement helps the consumer to remember the hotel.
  • The number of users who occasionally watch videos on the web has more than doubled in recent years. 
  • GIATA videos feature neutral music and are not subject to GEMA (German performance rights) restrictions.


  • The integration of high-resolution videos saves you time because you can integrate the videos from our various providers in a uniform format (GIATA IHG/XML) via a common interface that matches your customised travel offers.


  • The GIATA Videos are available to all customers and cooperation partners within the framework of the GIATA Hotel Guide products and or as a standalone version.

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