Tour Operator Services

Digital catalogue data and distribution

Hotel descriptions in your desired target language and HD image content with the greatest possible coverage of the entire range of hotels and holiday homes worldwide are available to you via our interfaces. In addition, we offer free distribution of your offers via the GIATA databases to all cooperating stationary and online travel agencies.

Data processing and cooperation with IBE partners in the D-A-CH region

We process your catalogue data (usually via XML) and prepare it for distribution to selected channels.  You only have to make changes to your database at GIATA. These are immediately (within a few minutes) updated throughout the industry. In addition, you do not need any expensive content management systems for your data creation and distribution and receive your catalogue data free of charge from us for use on your own homepage in (almost) any format.

Cooperating providers are: Amadeus/Traveltainment, traffics, Bewotec, Peakwork, Travelport and others.

Content solutions for your online travel products

Complex data synchronisation processes, a standardised data format and reliable, high-quality content eliminate the need for time-consuming in-house research, cost-intensive translations or permanently required hotel data maintenance with our automated solutions.

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Data solutions for tour operators

Data processing, distribution and content for your offers

Internet Hotel Guide (D-A-CH)

If you work with one of our IBE partners, you can easily combine your bookable data with all tour operator offers via our well-known Hotel Guide API and add optional premium content. OTA in Europe

Multilingual Hotel Guide

Thanks to our native speaking writers, our Multilingual hotel Guide descriptions guarantee hotel descriptions in premium quality in the most cost-effective way. Descriptions and image content


Many global and local players trust in the market leading GIATA mapping service based on static property information for more than one million properties. The GIATA hotel codes are mapped continuously against the records of more than 500 content providers. Supplier mappings

Room Type Mapping

GIATA’s completely new algorithmic approach allows your customer to compare inconsistently named room types in this multi-supplier market on a like-for-like basis by grouping the similar room types under a standardised group name. Sell better rooms