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Many travel platform providers trust in the market leading GIATA mapping service based on static property information for more than one million properties. The GIATA hotel codes are mapped continuously against the records of more than 500 content providers.
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Room Type Mapping

GIATA’s completely new algorithmic approach allows your customer to compare inconsistently named room types in this multi-supplier market on a like-for-like basis by grouping the similar and identical room types under a standardised group name.
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Mapping that really works

Market leading hotel mapping

Imagine there is a luxury hotel in London and it can be represented by over 80 suppliers with over 120 different booking codes on average. How do you ensure you are selling unique hotel inventory to your end users? If your inventory is not consistently and accurately displayed to the travelers, no wonder your customers and bookings are few and far between. One strategy that will help you solve such problems is to intelligently map and manage your hotel portfolio. Since 1998 the GIATA code, already identifying more than one million properties, has been recognised as the standard property identifier for GDS, CRS, OTAs, travel agencies, tour operators, DMCs and other international key industry players.

We map room types with an algorithmic approach

No matter the size of your company, the challenges of a lack of standards in the way rooms are described are well known in the industry and have long been considered unsolvable. Since each provider names their room types differently, how do you offer your customers a wider choice of hotel rooms at the most competitive price? Until now the industry was working with the traditional room mapping method which is neither efficient nor sustainable. We trust in our idea of a dynamic solution for a dynamic environment assuring the most flexible approach for maximum coverage during each new hotel search.

GIATA mapping services

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