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How do we generate and maintain good content?

High quality hotel content

Static Hotel Data


Everyone who tried to achieve good mapping results on their own knows that you need great software, knowledgable developers and – extremely good data. Otherwise you will always see a lot of redundant processes and leftovers that cannot be mapped or that simply deliver an uncertain result.

The GIATA static data that is used during the mapping process is aggregated from multiple sources mainly by automated means, however, any data that we publish in our MultiCodes or TTI data collection has been checked and verified manually and is updated regularly by various in-house and satellite teams.

We aim to only publish complete address details, geocodes in various accuracy levels and contact details for internal administration purposes.

Multilingual Hotel Descriptions


Researching and maintaining facts of more than a few hundred hotels can become a very expensive task within your company and if you manage a large in-house team, you may have difficulties approaching or even just testing new markets because of lacking local or language knowledge.

The GIATA hotel descriptions will solve this issue as they are provided to you on the basis of carefully aggregated hotel fact sheets and a comprehensive text production service managed by native speakers in 25 languages.

We connect to reliable sources for hotel amenities and attributes and constantly extend our fact database to meet our clients’ demand. More and more hoteliers manage their hotel fact sheets directly through our hotel distribution platform.

Hotel Image Content


A picture is worth more than a thousand words – get the best image content directly from all your hotels.

Since 2018, we directly connect to hotels to collect high quality image content for distribution through third party service providers like ICEPortal or to provide these images in addition to our multilingual hotel descriptions.

These images are available as free downloads on the indvidual GIATA Drive hotel websites.

Competitive premium hotel content

Our databases for your travel website

Multilingual Hotel Guide

Thanks to our native speaking writers, our Multilingual hotel Guide descriptions guarantee hotel descriptions in premium quality in the most cost-effective way. More about MHG

Internet Hotel Guide (D-A-CH)

If you work with one of our IBE partners, you can easily combine your bookable data with all tour operator offers via the well-known Hotel Guide API and add optional premium content. More about IHG


Hotel static data such as addresses, geocoordinates or unique hotel names for more than one million accommodations worldwide are the basis for our mapping database. More about MC

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One-stop service

Using the GIATA content databases allows you to significantly reduce costs on in-house content research and translation. We provide descriptive non-bookable content for all needs and budgets.

Whether tour operator offers in IBE-compliant* GIATA XML format or provider-independent hotel data such as texts, fact sheets, images or videos for use in your travel offers – you define the project vision and we deliver the appropriate content.

*Cooperating IBE partners include Traffics, Amadeus/Traveltainment, Bewotec and many others. The GIATA Hotel Guide is already integrated into your booking route as standard via several third-party providers and only needs to be activated via our interface.

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