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The GIATA Room Level Mapping Service

Aggregate and easily group hotel room names.

Inconsistent data - an industry-wide challenge

When presenting the vast number of hotel search results on your website, the best room offers don't just show up first. Maybe you decided to always present the lowest-priced provider results first or you simply display all available rooms and rates to your customers leaving them with an inconsistent bulk of room type names and descriptions.

A dynamic solution for a dynamic environment

Following intense market research and data analysis, we have tested different approaches to be able to uniquely identify rooms categories across multiple providers, but we had to learn that room type information is too inconsistent and dynamic to get a reasonable result by applying common software matching processes.

We believe that a dynamic solution that matches and groups all the inconsistent information across your integrated content providers during the live search process, directly at the point-of-sale, will help to present bookable products in an easy to understand and consistent language.

The GIATA Room Type Mapping solution will make it easier for your customers to browse a wider choice of rooms at the best possible prices.

The key benefits

Presenting consistently named room offers improves the Customer Journey.
Grouping relevant room types helps promoting the better room offers.
Providing a wider and more relevant range of offers optimizes the upselling potential.

The GIATA Room Type Mapping solution

  • Dynamic room name groupings during a live search help to present the best available offers.
  • Inconsistent room types are presented with an easy to understand room type group name.
  • A wider choice of the most relevant room offers presented to your customers helps them to make better booking choices.
  • You can increase your upselling potential by optimising the way you present the best available room offers.
  • Our multilingual algorithmic solution is content provider-independent. The API processes all provider data.
  • We assure highest performance even with large data volumes.
  • A personal integration specialist will assist during the implementation phase to achieve the best possible result.

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