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GIATA Multilingual Hotel Guide

Multilingual Hotel Guide GIATA

Content drives conversion – hotel content in 20 languages

The GIATA Multilingual Hotel Guide (MHG) allows you to address your target groups and to improve your own content, especially in the long tail field. It provides you with multilingual hotel descriptions for more than 263,000 hotels worldwide in the following languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. In the course of this year, we will also be able to provide descriptions in Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (traditional) and Finish. The corresponding hotel fact sheets can be retrieved in 42 languages. Furthermore, hotel images (partially with a high resolution) are also available for many properties and in various sizes. Generally, the GIATA Multilingual Hotel Guide is suitable for all hotel-only offers on all sales channels.

Standardised hotel descriptions for an integrative website

The hotel descriptions are generated with the aid of the corresponding hotel fact sheet and have the same structure throughout all 20 languages, which leads to a higher conversion rate. They have at least 500 characters and do not cover vendor-specific features (i.e. wellness or meal packages, transfers, etc.), only information about the hotel itself (i.e. year of construction, number of rooms, hotel facilities, sports and entertainment facilities and much more).

The MHG hotel data is provided via an XML API and is updated on average more than 20,000 times per month. Because the hotel factsheets provide the basis for the hotel descriptions, the accompanying hotel texts are immediately updated with each factsheet alteration.

The Multilingual Hotel Guide Overview

Your advantages

  • Consistent multilingual content package in 20 languages including hotel images (where available)
  • No time-consuming and costly in-house research and translations
  • Up to 480 facts per hotel available
  • Each fact sheet modification leads to an immediate update of the hotel descriptions
  • More than 20,000 fact sheet and text updates per month

The integration of the Multilingual Hotel Guide requires a programmer or developer.

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