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7 August 2019 | GIATA MultiCodes

GIATA celebrates its 1,000,000th unique identified property

Berlin, Germany, 7 August 2019 – It is done! There are over 1 million unique official accommodations in the world! GIATA GmbH, the world’s largest hotel database, today announced its 1,000,000th unique identified property. This milestone is a major move for GIATA in its mission to help their partners maximise the growth of their business and revenue.

Since 1996, GIATA has been committed to setting new standards in the processing and distribution of travel offers and hotel content for GDS, CRS, OTAs, travel agencies, portals, tour operators, DMCs and hotels.

In 1998 GIATA began with its first GIATA ID and its customer base of just 90 German travel agencies. After more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, the GIATA team knows and understands the pain points of their clients – incorrect hotel mappings can be a real threat for a business. Therefore, they set out to build the MultiCodes network that connected and managed the multiple suppliers more simply and quickly with an accuracy level that no other mapping provider can approach. With the technological advancements, GIATA’s data and distribution solutions are now used by over 21,000 clients in 72 countries. Although MultiCodes is a generic term, GIATA has been granted this wordmark by the European Union Intellectual Property Office for several trademark classes.

In today’s business world, keeping the balance between speed and quality in continuous delivery is one of the biggest challenges every business faces. This achievement – 1 million unique property IDs – makes it possible for their partners to showcase 1 million unique properties with 99.999% accuracy in this multi-supplier market. With 72 million mappings across 540 suppliers, GIATA has continued to provide their partners with tailor-made solutions that help them avoid matching errors and duplicates, keep their hotel portfolio up-to-date and empower them to drive their revenue growth in a time- and cost-effective manner.

“We are grateful to our team and partners for being part of our journey and are looking forward to offering progressive opportunities for our travel partners with the next 1 million unique properties worldwide,” said Kalina Nikolova, Head of Sales at GIATA GmbH.

Kalina Nikolova Head of Sales, GIATA

About GIATA GmbH
GIATA is a Berlin (Germany) based travel technology company that was founded in 1996. GIATA’s data and distribution solutions are used by thousands of OTAs, travel agencies, portals, tour operators, DMCs and hotels to manage their in-house databases.
GIATA has continuously set new standards in the collection, verification, processing and distribution of non-bookable content, delivering accurate and comprehensive hotel information in 24 languages. The company combines innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Digital Fingerprints with careful, manual research. With more than 72 million mappings of 540 suppliers for over 1 million unique objects, GIATA serves more than 21,000 customers in 72 countries around the world.
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