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1 July 2020 | GIATA Drive

Schmetterling and GIATA join forces and promote hotel sales

Berlin, 1 July 2020. A way out of the coronavirus slump has been found – with minimal expenditure on the part of hoteliers! In order to finally enable the holiday season to get underway and to fill rooms once again, hotel marketing has to be effective. GIATA and Schmetterling are taking up the issue and coming to the aid of hoteliers with their innovative information technology solutions.

The travel industry is in agreement that evocative images and descriptive information with regard to the facilities and services offered by hotels are the key to successful sales performance. If you want to sell tourism products, you have to convey emotions – and the simplest way to do this is with images.

With 4,000 agencies throughout Europe, the travel agency alliance Schmetterling knows that trust in the services promised is hugely important, particularly in times like these. That’s why Schmetterling is opting for the high-quality and comprehensive content provided by GIATA Drive in its company-owned distribution systems for travel and hotel brokerage, with over 100 affiliated service providers.

“Since May, German hotels have been a priority for us. In order to be able to present them on an equal footing with the international hotels, we rely on attractive images and informative descriptions. GIATA makes this information available to us in a consistent, up-to-the-minute format, which greatly facilitates integration and, ultimately, sales.”

Ömer Karaca Head of IT at Schmetterling

The GIATA Dashboard allows hoteliers, amongst other things, to update their images and other hotel information centrally on a user-friendly interface. GIATA standardises this information and provides the entire travel marketing sector with consistent content in a form that bed banks are not able to offer. The presentation and visibility of the hotels is significantly enhanced through GIATA’s 21,500+ distribution partners, which subsequently leads to increased bookings.

About Schmetterling
With more than 4,000 travel agencies in a total of 29 European countries, Schmetterling International is the largest independent owner-operated tourism distribution company in Europe and has over 50 years of experience in the industry. As a complete service provider for travel agencies, the travel agency alliance successfully unites and consolidates the world of tourism.
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GIATA is a Berlin-based tourist technology company founded in 1996. The firm supplies its digital non-bookable content products to 21,500 customers and partners in 74 countries, including hotels, hotel chains, online travel agents, tour operators and global distribution systems.
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