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29 June 2022 | GIATA Drive

GIATA DRIVE now available to Resfinity users

GIATA DRIVE is a GIATA GmbH service that allows hotels to distribute their non-bookable content to over 20,000 partners including tour operators, DMCs and OTAs. Hotels can selectively supply different partners with different content, depending on their commercial, technical and marketing related needs all from the comfort of a single interface.

GIATA DRIVE has already covered more than 32,300 hotels worldwide since the product launched in 2020 and is rapidly expanding. Due to high manual effort constraints managing hotel content – such as images and descriptions – has become a big challenge for hoteliers. Therefore, an efficient solution like GIATA DRIVE comes right at hand allowing hotels to offer guests a compelling customer experience with the most up-to-date hotel information when they are looking for an accommodation online.

On the flip side, tour operators, DMCs and OTAs can utilize GIATA DRIVE free of charge! This certainly is an efficient way to eventually dominate the non-bookable content field as the product grows.

As a proven leader in the distribution of hotel content, GIATA has been helping its clients with non-bookable content by providing robust, seamless services. Since May 2022, ANIXE has become a certified redistributor of GIATA DRIVE. Thanks to the implementation of the product in the Resfinity platform, the service has become available to all ANIXE customers so that they can enjoy the benefits.

Check out the benefits for Resfinity users at a glance:

All-in-one Tool – Manage your images and amenities, distribute your most recent content and see how you perform within your destination

Reduced Costs – Save plenty of time and resources by not having to update each travel site individually and leave the translation of your content to the GIATA content team

Better Visibility – Provide images and all details about your accommodation in order to appear in the top rankings of travel site search results

Expanded Distribution – Distribute your images and amenities across GIATA’s global network of 20,000+ channels in more than 70 countries within 72 hours

Global Markets – Trust in GIATA to publish your hotel information in the language your guests speak – currently 25 languages around the globe

Consistent Content – Have full control over your hotel’s information displayed on thousands of channels and minimise the risk of costly guest complaints

Implementing GIATA DRIVE as a source of hotel content will make it easier for ANIXE’s clients to effectively maintain the data of their directly contracted hotels at no cost and bring more value to their customers.

ANIXE is a leading provider in the digital travel sector, serving a broad spectrum of customers through its Hotel and Airline divisions. The company provides a suite of comprehensive services that starts with accurate business analysis, and extends all the way through to a swift and concise implementation.

Resfinity Hotel specialises in third-party hotel supplier aggregation and distribution, accelerated search and response solutions, offline rate and availability exports in various formats, hotel and room type automated deduplication & mapping and high data load and traffic management. Resfinity Air creates and maintains customised web interfaces and booking engines for the airline industry. The platform empowers global airlines by exhaustive customisation options and a high level of service uptime, both geared at growing revenues.

On the market for twenty years, ANIXE’s solid reputation and pioneering technology continue to draw clients worldwide. ANIXE’s vision is to connect the travel market across all corners of the globe to facilitate efficient travel trade for buyers and sellers everywhere. More information can be found at

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