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Your matching solution to control your multi supplier hotel portfolio

GIATA MultiCodes is a hotel matching service that enables a unique identification and a simplified, well-structured maintenance of your hotel master data. As a result, this helps to avoid hotel matching errors and duplicates in your own booking, distribution or reservation system, especially if you are running a multi-supplier strategy. In general, MultiCodes is suitable for internal management and communication with your suppliers and sales partners, as well as for booking processes (as part of a reservation system).

Our hotel database contains over 680,000 unique hotels or hotel complexes (1,800 parent IDs), each of which has a unique GIATA Hotel ID. The master data for our matching process is consistently delivered by more than 500 content providers (suppliers), including almost all established tour operators, as well as international OTAs, bedbanks, DMCs, hotel wholesalers and review portals. MultiCodes licensees may request the inclusion of additional suppliers at any time for no extra cost. First, their data is matched by a software, which is followed by a manual matching process. After each matching phase, all assignable hotel data will be uploaded onto our database, and previously missing properties will be newly created. All data can be accessed through an XML API and will be continuously updated and augmented.

Modules – tailored to your individual requirements

The MultiCodes licence package consists of various modules, each providing different hotel data. The mandatory GIATA Codes module supplies the hotel’s unique GIATA ID, as well as the hotel name, country and city.

The following optional modules are also available: The Broker and Tour Operator module delivers more than 46,7 million hotel booking codes or hotel IDs from over 500 providers (i.e. Sabre, Amadeus, GTA, Hotelbeds, Destinations of the World, Tourico, Expedia EAN, TripAdvisor and many more). GIATA Geocodes provides longitude and latitude data for more than 664.000 hotels. GIATA Hotel Addresses supplies detailed addresses (including phone/fax numbers, URL and email addresses, if available) for over 609,000 properties and Hotel Chain and Group Affiliations delivers details of a possible affiliation to a hotel chain or group for approximately 82,000 hotels.


Your advantages

  • permanent matching of your properties to the GIATA ID (deduplication)
  • unique identification of more than 680,000 properties, despite varying spellings, double listings, etc.
  • 1,800 hotel complexes identified (parent GIATA ID)
  • further information such as hotel name, city and country information available
  • use of GIATA destination structure and GIATA Hotel ID as master ID for internal administration and management

Supplier Codes

Your advantages

  • facilitates the administration and management of your own multi-supplier database
  • more than 46,7 million booking codes or hotel IDs from about 500 hotel suppliers (international OTAs, bedbanks, hotel brokers, wholesalers or review portals) matched to a unique GIATA ID
  • fewer booking errors as a result of mismatching
  • immediate comparison of mutliple suppliers and supplier codes
  • cost efficiency due to outsourcing of time-consuming manual research and maintenance


Your advantages

  • 664,000 geocodes for hotels (longitude and latitude) in 5 different accuracy levels
  • use as additional information for hotel localisation on a map
  • helpful additional travel information
  • localisation of further travel and tourism services like transfers to complement your travel products


Your advantages

  • approximately 609,000 manually researched hotel addresses including telephone numbers, email addresses and URLs (where available)
  • accurate hotel localisation on a map
  • helpful additional travel information
  • localisation of further travel and tourism services like transfers to complement your travel products


Your advantages

  • chain affiliation data acquired for approximately 82,000 hotels
  • ideal for evaluating agreements with hotel chains or groups
  • immediate comparability and acquisition of all properties in a group

The integration of MultiCodes requires a programmer or developer.

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