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Internet Hotel Guide

Fact sheets hotel offers in key words

Optimise Product Search

In order to compare and filter the online holiday offers on your homepage, we permanently analyse almost 400 attributes in the hotel and holiday descriptions of tour operators.


  • more effective customer consultation and
  • more relevant presentation of offers optimisation of search processes and
  • objective offer comparison continual analysis of more than one million online holiday offer


GIATA Facts in figures:

  • Analysis of more than 1,500,000 holiday offers
  • up to 400 Facts per holiday offer
  • up to 50 million Facts currently available

How it works

GIATA Facts permanently analyses one million hotel and holiday descriptions from all major tour operators in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and aggregates almost 400 attributes.

Your clients can find offers which, through individual search criteria, reflect their individual desires, for example special sporting activities and services, child-friendly resorts, family holidays, beach locations, sandy beaches, sea views, etc.

This avoids your customers being led astray by unsuitable or irrelevant offers. With its extensive and detailed information, IHG Facts also allows customers to directly compare holiday services.


GIATA Facts is valid as an extension product of IHG (XML) licence. Valid licence agreements (user rights) are therefore required for the Internet Hotel Guide.

If GIATA Facts is not supported by your IBE provider you will require a developer for the integration of GIATA Facts onto your online holiday portal.

Technical Support