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Hotel offers for internal use in travel agencies

Extranet Hotel Guide für die Touristikbranche

This comprehensive and intuitive counter research tool, with texts and images of more than a million online travel offers from all major tour operators, is the indispensible consulting instrument for sales departments in travel agencies also thanks to the extensive additional information, such as hotel reviews and travel tips.

Areas of application

The holiday offer database is a vital consulting tool for travel agents and holiday specialists in call centres, travel agencies or working in mobile sales. It can be used directly online, or can be used very easily via our partners through counter tools such as Bistro, Cosmo or Travelviewer.

Advantages of Extranet Hotel Guide: 

  • replaces almost all printed catalogues and is regularly updated
  • time and cost saving, versatile search functions
  • extensive, complimentary additional information about the travel offer
  • Integration and advanced functions in the leading counter tools of cooperating third parties
  • just one licence for up to five users per premises

How it works:

Browser version

The web version offers many search and filter options, to help locate a desired holiday from more than one million offers. Use the extensive search options such as catalogue, full text, hotel name, destination area or booking code searches. The hotel descriptions are updated daily and presented with additional details and consulting aids, which are not available in any printed operator catalogue. The offers can be printed, saved as a PDF and forwarded. The design can be adapted to suit your needs.

Along with the text and image files from the travel catalogues of more than 200 holiday operators, the operator's e-catalogue (Flip Cat), area tips (Tips & Deals), animated hotel photos (Image Clips) and hotel ratings (e.g. from TripAdvisor or myHotelRank) are displayed free of charge.

Third-party supplier version

The offer descriptions are usually integrated into the counter tools of third-party suppliers. The type and presentation style of the content, as well as the optional expansion to include the extensive offers filter of GIATA Facts, lies in the hands of the third-party provider. A link to the browser version of our product is often provided. The use of the data in a third-party provider application is authorised either by GIATA or after user data is entered in the relevant application of the third-party provider.


To enquire about corresponding offer prices and availability you require a licence from the relevant third-party provider (CRS/IBE).


Product Enquiries:

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