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About us

Dear clients, interested parties and partners,

since 1996 we have been helping our clients boost the growth of their business and revenue. Although our methods are complex, our aim is simple: to help increase sales of your products. As the tourism industry’s leading provider of non-bookable content, our 100-plus employees continuously set new standards in the processing and distribution of travel offers and hotel content. So take advantage of our employees’ know-how and experience and concentrate on what’s important: your core business.

What do we do?

No two companies in the tourism sector are alike. And we are focussed on precisely that; the modular construction of our products offers you generic and at the same time individually tailored all-round solutions. Thanks to our unique GIATA ID you can clearly identify your accommodation and detect duplicates, thereby keeping your hotel portfolio synchronised. The information, which is continuously updated and meticulously corrected by hand, is standardised by us so that fewer errors occur in your internal booking process and your own hotel allocation. The outsourcing of time-consuming manual research and maintenance reduces costs and makes it easy to identify errors in your database. This process we do call mapping.

What makes us unique?

With more than 77 million mappings of 550 suppliers for over 1,081,000 unique objects, GIATA has the world’s largest hotel mapping database and over 21,000 clients in 72 countries. Unlike other providers of hotel and Room Type Mapping services, we combine modernity and experience by using innovative technologies such as artificial technology and digital fingerprints alongside meticulous manual allocation and correction. The impact is easy to see; our hotel portfolio has a proven accuracy rate of over 99.999%. In addition, our multilingual hotel database provides standardised and consistent texts for more than 333,000 hotels in 24 languages and hotel factsheets for numerous hotels.

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From hotel mapping to multilingual hotel descriptions

GIATA’s product range includes various service packages and XML based web services. Our globally-utilised solutions include MultiCodes, a hotel mapping and de-duplication service for touristic companies, mainly OTAs, that enables the matching of 77 million booking codes from about 550 content providers (GDS, tour operators, DMCs, review portals) to more than 1,081,000 GIATA codes (unique properties/hotels, including 10,195 resorts) at the touch of a button. GIATA Multilingual Hotel Guide (MHG), meanwhile, provides hotel descriptions for 333,000 hotels worldwide in 24 languages, including images. Furthermore, the corresponding fact sheets can be retrieved in 42 languages.

Processing of tour operator data and live distribution of travel offers

GIATA offers tour operators services such as hotel content standardisation and distribution to increase their conversion rate. This procedure involves the processing of the image and text data of almost all established tour operators and the creation of turnkey solutions for websites, smartphones and tablets (e.g. Internet Hotel Guide). Further available features include virtually-browsable travel catalogues for the online presentation of a hotel, and GIATA Facts for the integration of filter functions on an OTA website. Moreover, with the aid of the GIATA Realtime Catalogue, tour operators, hotel chains and incoming agents can create online travel offers single-handedly. Within minutes, the content of these offers are distributed to over 21,000 travel agencies, CRS, websites and TV channels.

Job offers

We are always seeking talented colleagues.