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Individual Travel Guide App for smartphones

TOURIAS Travel Guides


With your own smartphone app, you and your brand are present before, during and after a holiday, and can provide many free travel tips and premium services, strengthening customer loyalty.

Areas of Application

The smartphone travel guides for 200 of the most frequently booked travel destination areas worldwide can be integrated into the websites and booking systems of tour operators, travel agencies and online booking portals, as well as GIATA’s Extranet Hotel Guide and Internet Hotel Guide products. This integration can be achieved within or outside of the booking process.

Advantages of TOURIAS Travel Guides:

  • Free extra feature with optional premium functions for holiday guests and potential customers
  • English and German mobile travel guides for iPhones, iPads and Android devices
  • Branding for the individual app with listing in Apple App Stores and Google Play
  • Advert-free version for a monthly licence fee
  • Activating Travellers System (ATS) available for sending of Push Notifications
  • Can be integrated into IHG, EHG and almost all counter consulting tools and booking stages

Details of Service

GIATA and TOURIAS offer tour operators and holiday sales systems, together with their customers, access to their successful smartphone travel guides for 200 top destinations in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

The app works on all iPhones, iPads and Android devices. The mobile travel guides can be integrated into your own stage of the booking process with your personal design. In addition, the personalised travel guide app can display the booked hotel and further holiday information.

The links to the travel guides can be integrated into GIATA’s Extranet Hotel Guide and Internet Hotel Guide products, as well as into the counter consultation tools and booking stages of IBE providers.

When downloading the app, clients receive useful information on countries and sights, as well as excursion and dining tips. As an additional service, important information on the booked holiday can be integrated – from departure and arrival information to addresses and flight details. The travel guide can also be used in offline mode.


Your own website and/or a connection to an IBE (Internet Booking Engine) is required to integrate the link to the download. Special offer-specific texts and images can only be used by Internet Hotel Guide and Extranet Hotel Guide clients.

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