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Destination Content for websites or mobile apps

Destination content for websites or mobile apps


TOURIAS Travel Content consists of more than 60,000 POIs (Points of Interest), including content from the famous MARCO POLO travel guides. There are also detailed country information packs and introductory texts for more than 200 destinations worldwide. We are constantly updating the database with country details, holiday tipps, sights and „MARCO POLO Insider-Tipps“.

The content is available in five languages. You can use our content in any existing website or app, since we deliver it in easy-to-implement xml files.


  • More relevant content for your website and/or app: up-to-date destination content from the 200 most popular destinations worldwide xml delivery: you can implement the TOURIAS Travel Content easily into your existing projects.
  • The content is available in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.
  • Up-to-date: we keep our content up to date with the help of the travel guide editors team, feedback from locals and guides in destination and the help of our users.
  • All travel content is linked to the GIATA destination and city IDs. We also include ISO-country codes, Geocodes (lat/long) and IATA Airportcodes (3LC).


    • More than 60,000 POIs in more than 200 destinations worldwide.
    • POI include categories like „sights“, „restaurants“, „leisure activities“ and
    • Useful destination content like geography, culture, weather and current visa


    You must have a programmer or web designer to integrate the data via XML into your website or app. The Travel Guide app itself will be programmed, hosted and published by the provider TOURIAS. 

    NEW: Now with MARCO POLO travel tips (POI) in up to 5 languages.