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Real-time Catalogue with live distribution

Real-time Catalogue with live distribution

Real-time Content Production

The Real-time Catalogue allows tour operators to electronically compile, in a browser-based application, offers or packages which are available at short notice and which may not appear in any catalogue.

At the push of a button, the data formats required for all sales channels (CRS/GDS, IBE, TV etc.) are compiled and sent to over 18,000 travel agents, all reputable websites (Expedia, Opodo, an-in-den-urlaub, etc.) and all CRS/GDS (Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan). Of course, your information also appears in all GIATA applications (EHG, IHG HTML/XML/FTP, FlipCat and others).


  • no printed catalogue required, also suitable for small contingent
  • all descriptions are sent in a uniform format and style
  • on request with GIATA image and text data (see also MHG)
  • free of charge export of data via FTP/XML for own homepage
  • legal security through history tracking of all changes
  • fast correction process thanks to the live distribution on all sales channels

How it works

The web-based content management system offers numerous functions for searching, creating, modifying and releasing the offer descriptions of a tour operator.

In the editor section of the new RTK2 you can add images and text blocks from the internet database MHG to your offer with a simple click. Your own images or text blocks can be added to individual objects, entire destination areas or entire catalogues. If desired, we can also create an automatic initial entry for your online catalogue, based on a list of hotels.


An established tour operator cooperation contract with GIATA is required, in order to regulate data usage rights and data processing, as well as distribution via GIATA.

For the linking of hotel offers with prices and vacancies, a licence with a corresponding IBE provider is required. For the use of GIATA text and image files, separate licences are required.

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