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Internet Hotel Guide

Internet Hotel Guide HTML/XML

The database for travel offers

The Internet Hotel Guide is used to present individual deals in your own design on websites, TV or travel agencies and on the mobile apps of travel portals. The image and text content of all German tour operators, such as Thomas Cook, TUI and other co-operation partners, can be accessed in real-time via XML. The many search and filter parameters for the more than 3.1 million deals make it easy to find the trip you are looking for.

A selection of our distribution partners 

  • Bewotec
  • Peakwork
  • Sabre
  • traffics
  • Travelport/TraviAustria
  • Traveltainment
  • .BOSYS

Texts and images for over three million travel offers from about 230 tour operators are made available for your homepage via either a live-XML interface (standard) or in HTML format.

The Internet Hotel Guide is used to customise the presentation of hotel offers in your own design on websites, on TV or on the mobile apps of OTA and other travel websites.


  • flexible data usage
  • GIATA Hotel ID and destination area structure for all offer information
  • seamless integration of GIATA add-on products Facts and FlipCat


GIATA Hotel Guide in figures (there will be seasonal differences):

  • more than 3,000,000 holiday offers for
  • more than 200,000 hotels worldwide in
  • more than 1,500 online catalogues
  • from about 230 tour operators

How it works

The image and text data of all German holiday operators, such as Thomas Cook, TUI, FTI and a further 230 cooperating partners, can be called up in real time via the XML format. The XML interface offers several search functions, such as hotel name, country, destination area, town/city, category, catalogue lifespan or a full-text search. You find the link to the detailed documentation on the right in the detail box.

Alternatively, the information for larger volume requests can be displayed (CSV format) or also integrated directly into the homepage in its most basic version as an iFrame format with the GIATA design.


You must have a programmer or web developer at your disposal.

Content is often integrated into the booking system for you by one of GIATA’s cooperating third-party providers (IBE provider).

For the retrieval of and linking to the description with offer prices and vacancies, a licence with the relevant IBE provider is required.

Technical Support