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Internet Hotel Guide

Image Clips for your hotel presentation

Moving hotel images

Animated hotel image clips for more than 942,000 online hotel offers help freshen up your online product presentation.

GIATA Image Clips can be integrated as consulting tool in a travel agency or at a counter as part of the EHG licence, or stand out as a special presentation of a hotel on the website of a travel agency or holiday portal.


  • innovative form of presenting the product, making the viewer desire a holiday
  • differentiates you from your competitors' standard product presentation (i.e. plain photos)
  • longer visitor sessions on your website


GIATA Image Clips in figures:

  • more than 942,000 Image Clips




How it works

We produced more than 942,000 catalogue clips set to music. The clips are based on up-to-date photos of the hotel. Web links to the clips can be easily sent to clients by email.

All clips are available free of charge in the GIATA Extranet Hotel Guide and can be integrated into all counter consultation tools, such as Bistro, Cosmo, LM-Plus or Tourmanager.

For a small surcharge we can also adapt the clip player to include your customised corporate design.




GIATA Image Clips is an extension product of the IHG licence. A valid licence agreement (user rights) for the Internet Hotel Guide is therefore required.

You will require a software developer for the individual integration of Image Clips into the Internet Hotel Guide on your online holiday portal.

Technical Support