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Data processing of your travel offers

Data processing of your travel offers

Classic data processing

We process any incoming catalogue data and standardize the contents for distribution into any sales channel. 


  • changes in your inventory only have to be made once
  • these are distributed worldwide within minutes to every connected service/recipient
  • no need for expensive content management software
  • free use of the standardized/processed data on your own website


GIATA transfers the content (images, text, attributes …) free of charge from your print files into the GIATA database.

At the push of a button all required data formats are produced and pushed out to every connected sales channel (CRS/GDS, booking engines, TV …) and to about 18,000 travel agencies and all well-know travel portals like Expedia, HolidayCheck, Kayak, Opodo and many more. 

The data is also used within premium GIATA content solutions like Image Clips, Facts (German only) and Flip Cat.

Advice for last minute offers: Use the Real-time Catalogue 2.0 to edit and distribute offers in real-time and distribute the content immediately into all sales channels. 

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