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Hotel review management - own your reviews!

myHotelRank hotel review company

The online review management tool myHotelRank gives you direct feedback from your hotel guests, helping you to publish many reviews on major review portals on the Internet.

Areas of application

myHotelRank is used as a support tool for customer relationship management in hotels, hotel groups and cooperations.

Advantages of myHotelRank:

  • emails can be sent automatically from your PMS
  • you can regulate the distribution of your reviews to the review portals supported by myHotelRank
  • you can distribute reviews according to portal and language
  • widget available to display the review on your own hotel website
  • reviews can be viewed in the consulting tools of almost 20,000 travel agencies
  • non-public resolution section


Your hotel guests are asked to review your hotel using myHotelRank. This request can be automatically sent from your PMS after they depart and in their native language.

The reviews of the hotel guests are, after your prior assignment of a code, distributed to major review portals (TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck, Trivago and others) or displayed on the impartial website

Using a widget you can also display entire reviews left on the impartial website on your own website.

For customer complaints you have a two-week, non-publicised resolution period in which to respond before the review is published.

An extensive administrations tool is made available to you with account and profile information, resolution and comment functions, settings options for email distribution in various languages, statistics, distribution functions to third-party platforms and guest management with an import function.


To amend your hotel details and to manage your reviews, you require a user profile that you can setup at no costs at

For the automatic emailing service, you are required to upload the names and email addresses of your guests either manually or through an automatic import service to be setup by your PMS provider.

We recommend: Test the service free of charge. Simply register online at, setup your hotel profile and start managing your reviews!